Why You Always Cry In Your Relationship (Explained)

Why you cry in your relationship

Crying in a relationship is something that you will experience if you are that highly sensitive person and emotionally.


When someone cries in a relationship it doesn’t mean that he or she is hurt. Sometimes it can be because of joy and deep feelings that he or she has for someone.


In this article, I’m going to share with you the reasons why you cry in your relationship and add bonus tips information that no one else will.


But first, before I dive deep into this topic let me let you know why you always cry in your relationship.


You always cry in your relationship because you are too emotional. Your feelings are easily triggered by anything that makes you happy, surprises you or hurts you. It’s hard for you to control these emotions; that is why you always find yourself expressing them by crying.


When something becomes intense to you then it alters your emotions.


You can find yourself so happy to a point that you start crying. This is because every emotion to you is intense.


Pleasure makes you cry and pain also makes you cry.


The moment an emotion is so much within you and you find yourself that you have exhausted all the ways you can express it then the only thing that will remain is to cry.


Is crying normal in a relationship?

As I stated earlier that if you are too emotionally then you will find yourself crying over small things in a relationship.


You will find yourself crying even if you are extremely happy.


This is what I can tell you if you want to know if crying in a relationship is normal.


Crying in a relationship is normal because you have emotions and you feel everything that excites you or makes you angry. You can find yourself crying if you miss your partner or even when you are so happy. As long as you are an emotional person crying is normal in a relationship.


So, don’t think you are losing your mind if you find yourself crying in your relationship.


This is something that people experience and it’s completely normal.


Why do we cry when we love someone so much?

When you love someone so much every feeling about that person is intense for you.


You feel much drawn into him or her. This feeling is what will increase your emotions when you look at the person you love.


As I stated earlier that if you are an emotional person anything that excites you or makes you angry will definitely make you cry.


In this case, we are talking about something that brings over excitement to your heart.


So, if you want to know why we cry when we love someone so muchthen this is what you should know.


People cry when they love someone so much because of the highlighted feelings of joy and over excitement. Over excitement and happiness can make someone cry over a person he or she loves if he or she is too emotional.



Also, if these feelings become too much to consume then they can make people cry over someone they love so much.


Have you ever reached a point where you don’t have any control over your emotions because they are too much?


For instance, when you are too much happy and you have done everything possible you can to convey your happiness and you end up feeling that you haven’t done enough.


The only thing you will be left with is to cry.


This is exactly the same thing that happens in a relationship when you love someone so much.


Why do I cry when I miss my boyfriend?

If you are used to your boyfriend and he ends up going somewhere far then you will start missing him.


The only people who cry are those that are too emotional.


You cry when you miss your boyfriend because you are so much attached to him. Your feelings for him are so much intense to a point that when he isn’t close to you, you feel like a part of you is missing. Since you are too emotional you will find yourself crying.


You are crying because you are apart and he isn’t there to comfort you and control what you are feeling.


The urge of having him is intensified that is why you cry when you miss him so much.


Anyway, if you are at this point then your love for that guy is immeasurable. You love him so much.


Do you know what happens when you love someone so much?


When you love someone so much to that extent of crying when you miss him then you can end up being hurt badly.


I don’t suggest that you stop loving him so much but learn to control your feelings and emotions.


Don’t be too emotionally dependent on your boyfriend. One day he won’t be there for you and you will have to continue living like the rest of the people.


Is it okay crying before my boyfriend?

Is crying Normal in a relationship?


I know you may have this question in your head if you are too emotional person.


If you have been conveying yourself before your boyfriend to be the strongest woman ever then you feel that you don’t have to cry before him because it will degrade you.


It’s okay to cry before your boyfriend. Crying before him will not convey that you are a weak individual. If you feel like crying and you are with him don’t hold yourself just let the tears flow. He loves you and he will support you emotionally.


This might even increase the bond in your relationship. Cry if you feel like doing so. It’s okay to cry before him.


He won’t start judging you because you cried in front of him instead he will be more concerned about you and make an effort to make you comfortable.



How do guys feel when their girlfriends cry?

I’m that emotional person and I usually find myself crying over small issues in my life, whether they are too much pain or over-exciting.


My ex-girlfriend cried before me. That was the moment everything about our relationship was so amazing until she decided to walk away because of her parents.


The day she cried before I couldn’t hold myself together. I told myself that I had to be strong so that I can support her emotional but I totally failed at that.


I found myself crying too. I don’t know what happened but I think it’s because I cared so much about her.


So, if you want to know how guys feel when their girlfriends crythen this is what you should know.


Guys feel so emotionally attached, worried and so much concerned when their girlfriends are crying before them. They feel that they have to do something to comfort their girlfriends. Some guys will even end up crying when their girlfriends are crying.


This happens when a guy truly loves his girlfriend.



Crying in a relationship is something you will come across if you are an emotional person. Even if you are not that too emotional but you have feelings for someone and you are totally attached then you will one day find yourself crying over him or her.


When you find yourself crying in a relationship, and when you take your time to think it through you only find that it’s the pain that you get in your relationship that makes you cry.


I would advise you to end that relationship because it’s not healthy for you. Don’t stay in a relationship that brings pain to you. Walk away from it and never look behind.


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When the only thing that causes you to cry in your relationship is pain, then you are in a toxic relationship. Leave it immediately before you get stuck in it.


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