Why You Should Take Yourself On a Date


You should take yourself on a date even if you are single. There are many things you can get from this. Anyway, you don’t have to be single to take yourself on a date. 
We go out for dates with the people we love and care about. This is so awesome. This usually creates a strong bond. The more we spend time with our lovers the stronger the connection we have with our lovers.
The thing I was talking about is a date with your partner. We have a situation where you are lonely, you are single or you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend some few years ago.
A date shouldn’t only be an idea of going out with someone. You can go on a date alone. This is pretty cool sometimes because you get to understand yourself better the things you like and enjoy doing when you are alone. 
Taking yourself on a date is very cool. I remember when I broke up with my bae some few years ago, I used to go out alone. I wanted some time alone. I wanted to get to understand myself better. You will indeed get to know yourself better when you are alone.
I used to walk around town and feel the breeze that was coming from the ocean some few meters away. It was so fun, but it used to get lonelier when I saw someone else with his or her partner.
Earphone in my ears, listening to my favourite songs. I slowly walked into an ice cream vendor shade and grab a vanilla ice cream with some chocolate topping on it. I enjoy myself.
It’s not a good thing to make yourself unhappy even if you are single. Take yourself out of the house and enjoy. Meet new people and get to know them and make friends life will always be brighter on your side. 
Happiness starts with you, make yourself happy. Take your time and enjoy your life. Travel whenever you want. It’s not a bad thing. 
Don’t wait for someone to take you out for dates. You can do that by yourself. It’s not a bad idea. 

What does dating yourself mean?

When you hear someone saying that he or she is dating himself or herself this means that he doesn’t want any connections with anyone but himself or herself. So, dating yourself means that you love no one else but yourself. Furthermore, it may also mean that you prefer putting away a romantic connection within yourself than connecting to someone else.


Have you ever thought of dating yourself? I once thought of that. This was the moment when I was completely broken.


Sometimes relationships can hurt you in a way you have never comprehended. When this happens you will be afraid to love and trust anyone in your life.


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When you get hurt so badly by the person you trusted and love you will never want to love again in your life.


Although, this never stays forever within you. You will eventually move on with your life. Before you move on from the broken you will be dating yourself.


You will be dating yourself for a while before you move on to the next relationship. This means that you have more time for yourself, self-love will be at the top of your priorities.


You will be taking yourself for dates and enjoying the time you have alone so that you can get over what happened to you.


So, having a focus on yourself without depending on the external connections means you are dating yourself. It’s pretty amazing by the way if you get used to it.


Is it weird to take yourself on a date?


I have been taking myself for dates for almost a year. I have never found it weird—not all. I do enjoy spending time alone. Take yourself on a date as many times as you can. Your happiness depends on you and it comes from within you don’t wait for anybody to create it for you. There is nothing weird about that so live your life to the fullest.


If you have been single for a while and that is what you want, you will have to live your life. There are so many reasons why people may choose to be single in their lives.


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So, it’s all on you. If you have decided that the best way to live with your life is to be on your own then there is nothing weird about taking yourself for dates.


This will give you a new perspective on your life. It will make you realize some of the things you never knew about yourself. The more you spend time alone you get to observe so many things about yourself.


What I can say is that it’s very helpful to take yourself on a date.  No one has control over your life and you can do what you want at any time.


Is it weird to go out by yourself?


If you are single and you decide to out by yourself it’s one of the things that you will enjoy. You will enjoy the few bucks you have in your pocket without any trouble. You will have a huge space for yourself, no one will tell you what not to do and where not to go. So, it’s not weird at all if you decide to go out by yourself.


Go out by yourself and enjoy your time. I mean—I’m mostly concerned about the budget you will have if you are alone. You may be in university or college and spending wisely may be one of your top priorities.


The moment when you go out by yourself you get to have the chance to spend more wisely than if you will be with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


You will have no to tell what you should do. This will make you enjoy your time to the fullest. You will never have a thing to worry about anymore.


You won’t have to worry about the safety of anyone by yourself. I’m not being mean or selfish but if you have never tried to go out by yourself then you should try it. It’s so super awesome—it never weird at all.


You should love yourself even if there is no one to love you. That involves self-care that highly improves your self-esteem and makes your life so easier and more meaningful.



Why you should take yourself on a date?


Let me answer this question by giving you a quick summary of the benefits of taking yourself on a date. By the way, you don’t have to be single to take yourself on a date.


You can be dating and you can decide to take yourself for a date. Sometimes time alone does better in people’s focus and ambition in life at large.


So, this is why you should take yourself on a date;


1. You get to know yourself better.


The moment you take time alone by taking yourself on a date you will eventually get to know some deep things about you that you never realized when you were with your partner.


When you are alone by yourself and no one is around you, you can do so many things that you have never been able to do.


This is because you are free from anyone’s opinions but yourself. This can make you go deep into what you like.


In this process, some things will present themselves to you without you knowing. You will realize that you could do things in a very different way than you ever thought.


This is all possible if you will have time to explore more about yourself. So, this is one of the benefits of taking yourself out for a date.


If you are by yourself you will also observe anything you do and like. Since you have no one to tell you anything on, anyone to pretend to you will eventually find things that you are better at.


Every action that you will do when you are alone will give you an insight into the kind of a person you are.


This is different from when you are with someone around you. You will always try to do things to please them without checking on yourself.


Their happiness might matter to you so pleasing them will be your main priority.


When it happens that you end up breaking up with them you realize that there is nothing you did with them that you liked.


You were only living and doing things for them and you completely don’t know yourself.


Taking yourself on a date will help you know yourself better that is why you should try it.


2. You get ample time with yourself.


Sometimes we all need a break from everything and everyone around us. We have to kick away the distractions from ourselves and try to think deep within ourselves.


You need time with yourself to finger out where you are heading and what are you currently doing about your life.


When you have sufficient time with yourself you can fix so many things in your life. You can determine which path to take with your life. Furthermore, you can do so much greater things.


Can I tell you how?


The moment you decide to take yourself on a date you will have time alone. You will be sitting somewhere alone looking for anything that passes by and contemplating on it.


You may even end up thinking of how the world revolves around you. This will make you think so much of yourself and the progress you have made in your life.


This will make you make yourself a priority and value anything within you. You will have the ability to eliminate any kind of doubts you may have within yourself.


This moment will all be about you. Digging deep within yourself and open the locked closets in your brain. You can find so many solutions to how your life is going and the challenges that you face in your life.


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In short, you will have enough time with yourself which can help you to solve many puzzles about your life, your relationship, and your career.


Give it a try and take yourself on a date several times and see how it will work out.


3. You can improve your self-esteem.


This is another reason why you should take yourself out on a date. You will get to improve your self-esteem.


This can do wonders it just depends on how you perceive it.


So, how will the act of taking yourself on a date help you to improve your self-esteem?


The moment you have ample time with yourself and think of who you are in the moment you will start improving your self-esteem.


The only thoughts that will be revolving in your head will be for yourself. You will think highly of yourself since you are by yourself.


You will have a positive view of who you are. You will never let yourself be discouraged by what people think about you. When you are out by yourself it will only be you.


This will give you the chance to shape any kind of negative thoughts that you had about yourself.


On the other side, if you are on a date by yourself you will be delighted to treat yourself. You will choose everything amazing that you like.


You will eat snacks and walk around the city looking everywhere and being grateful for the ability to move from one place to another.


This will make you think highly of yourself which will, in turn, do wonders for you.


The aspect of self-care that will cloud you will make you improve your self-esteem.


When you are with someone on a date this might not happen. You may be around him or her but whenever you do something that he or she doesn’t as he or she will criticize.


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Furthermore, you might say something that the person you are around with will end up laughing and mocking at you.


This might make you look down upon yourself and have a very negative opinion about yourself hence decreasing your self-esteem.


4. You get to enjoy your own company.


It’s always good to enjoy yourself and be happy about the amazing things you have achieved in your life.


They might be that much but at least will make you feel so amazing. So, when you take yourself on a date you will enjoy the time you spend alone.


You will have time to do the petty and silly things that everyone thought to be crazy. You will be enjoying the company you have for yourself.


Sometimes it’s great when you take yourself on a date because you will be able to reward yourself for the colourful things you did in your life. This will make you so happy.


This will make you feel the worth of being you. No matter how many people might be looking down upon you but with yourself, you will be enjoying the space you have.


The other thing is that it helps you to reconnect with yourself and to always appreciate yourself no matter where you are.


You will never hate to be alone at all. This can help you to overcome any problem that might be associated with breakups and loneliness.


A person like this is more likely to recover quickly from heartbreaks than a person who used to be constantly connected with other people and never preferred to be alone.



Anyway, those are the few things I found on the benefit of taking yourself on a date. If you like the article, kindly subscribe to my blog to receive my updates whenever I publish.


Have you ever taken yourself out for a date? Let me know in the comment section.

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