5 Reasons Why Most of Your Relationships Never Work Out

I have been in several relationships and I have found out why most of my relationships never worked out. I want to share the pure truth from my own life experiences and what I have seen from my closest friends.


This is not that article whereby I will give you a bunch of unrealistic reasons from TV shows! Never this is something real that if you figure it out will help you save most of your time from moving from this relationship to that relationship without finding what you are looking for.


What are people looking for in relationships? Do you know it?


Let me tell you something someone has never told you about relationships. What people are looking for In relationships is true happiness and peace of mind.


So, if the relationships that you always create with anyone miss the aspect of happiness they will never work out that is the fact.


You should also know that relationship happiness is considered by different factors that I’m going to share with you in this article.


This is are the reasons why most of your relationships never work out. They are purely based on my own life experience. So, read them carefully if you want to save your relationship or the upcoming one.


This is why most of your relationships never work out;


1. You moved too fast in that relationship.

This is the first fact why your relationships never last. This is something you should keep in your mind. If you used to rush into a relationship so fast you have to stop that.


For a relationship to work out you have to know the person you are intending to date. This will never happen after a few hours of flirting.


Getting to know someone takes so much time. I talked so much about this in this article.


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So, if you have been moving fast in your relationships they will never work out. In most cases, the people who move fast in relationships are not driven by love.


Lust is what keeps them moving too fast in this relationship. Love can never be identified in just a few hours or days of knowing each other.


You should understand what makes you feel the way you feel. Furthermore, you have to ask yourself if what you are feeling about that person is real.


This will save you much of your time than moving into the wrong relationship.


When you make irrational decisions pertaining to any relationship decisions making like starting a long distant relationship, it will never even last a month.


Now you have known the first fact why your relationships never work out.


2. You don’t love the way you are supposed to.

When you start a new relationship with someone new you have to forget all about your last relationship. Stop comparing people in relationships even if their personalities look similar.


This is because people are never the same. You can’t use the same love aspect that you used with your ex.


If you keep comparing people in relationships this will make you believe that you can use the same way to love someone else just like the way you did with your ex.


This will never make a relationship work out. I have been there, trust me. I used to love people the same way thinking that I will get positive results from those relationships.


Do you know what happened?  It totally never worked out and I remained so much lonely for a while. I was so afraid to get myself in any relationship because I just knew they will follow the same trend.


So, instead of you going through what I went through you have to know that people are different, and love them in different ways.


How can you know the person you are dating is different?


Being different from one another is not the issue here. The issue is understanding the person you are dating.


If you are able to read someone like a book and know everything about them, it will be very easy to get to know them. This will actually help you to love them the way they want to be loved.


We all know that It’s impossible to read someone like a book. The only thing you can do is to understand your partner deeply.


Try to know every single detail of him or her and identify what makes him/her happy and what makes him/her sad.


Know everything about him/her in and out—all this will help you to know in which way you can express your love to such kind of a person.


Never assume that people are all the same—never make that mistake. If you don’t love someone the way he or she wants to be loved your relationship will never work out.


This is because love is the central thing that integrates everything in a relationship.


3. You don’t pick the right person.

If you keep choosing the wrong person due to peer pressure or any external influences that relationship will never work out.


I have seen people choosing people they want to date with reviews from their friends. I have come across this thing in my current college.


The funny thing is that people keep doing it up to date.


I don’t say it’s a bad thing for your friend to help you identify the right person for you. In some cases, your friends might know you better than you know yourself.


You also have to understand that there is that inner part of you that is filled with desires and urges for what you want to have in your life.


There are some things deep within us that we will never share with anybody, not even the closest people we have in our lives.


So, when it comes to picking your life partner you should identify who is the right person for you by yourself. This is because if you make a mess of choosing someone wrongly that relationship will never work out.


The person you tend to choose to start a relationship with is usually about what you feel for each other.

You are the only one feeling these things within you. Furthermore, when you pick someone you will always have expectations.


The moment you pick someone who is totally far from your expectations that relationship will never last even a month.


This is where choosing the right person matters. Get connected to someone and identify everything about that person before Deeping yourself deep into that relationship.


Get to see if they meet your expectations before making a move to invite them into your life. If you do this your relationships will always work out.


This is the same aspect that can make a relationship last, because if you got the right person that meets your expectations that relationship will always work out accordingly.


4. You ignore the tiny things in your relationships.

When you enter a relationship with someone he or she will want to be taken care of, loved, and given attention.


All these things come from the tiny things you may be ignoring in your relationship. So, what are these tiny things that never make your relationship work out?


The petty things that your partner might need you to do for him or her might be the only things that determine his or her happiness.


You should be very careful whenever you are hanging out with anyone. Identify the things that he or she asks you the most. These are the things that you need to focus on.


The things that he or she asks you to do for him may mean a lot to him or her. In most cases, these things may seem silly.


Anyway, it’s normal in a relationship when you all act in a silly way than trying to make yourselves perfect.


Don’t try to be things you aren’t to your partner.


He or she might want you to help sit by him or her whenever he or she does something, he or she may want you to sing for him/her, she or he may ask you to escort him to the grocery store, he or she may ask you to help him cook and so many things that may seem insensitive to you.


If you keep ignoring these tiny things that he or she keeps asking you to help him or her with you, you are actually letting go of the biggest part of that relationship.


Those petty things that you might consider not worth spending your time on might actually mean a lot to him or her.


They might be the things that give him or her happiness.


So, if they are the things that make him or her happy what will happen if you keep ignoring them? The first thing he or she will get bored with you and the second thing is that that relationship will lack excitement.


Trust me when a relationship gets boring it will never work out. This is because the aspect of happiness in it will be missing.


None of the relationships can survive if they lack the aspect of happiness in it.


5. You may be an ego-centric person.

Who is an ego-centric person?

This is a person who is self-centered everything that he or she does in a relationship is all for his benefit. He or she never cares about anyone’s feelings, decisions, or opinions.


If you are the kind of person who always loves things to be done for your benefit then this is one of the reasons why your relationships never work out.


This is because relationships involve giving and taking. It will never work out if only one person in it does the act of giving.


You have to know in a relationship it’s not always about you. The person you have also has feelings and he or she needs them to be catered for.


Never base everything on yourself for the good of it.


Be a person who takes into consideration the person you are having in your life. You have to realize that they need everything as much as you do.


Learn to be open with your partner and give them too what you get from them. In such a way you will be motivating each other to hold on to that relationship and make it thrive.


Do the best things that your partner does for you.


A relationship will work out if you choose to put your partner at the top of your priority list than yourself. If you will do the same there is no doubt that she or he will do the same.


Your relationship will never work out if you are a self-centered person. This is because it will not even take a month for your partner to realize that.


Why most relationships do not work out?

Most relationships do not work out simply because people fail to realize what they need from them before they make a move, people are dishonest with each, they move too fast in them and most of them tend to fail to differentiate between love and lust.


Honesty is another important aspect of a relationship that I have not talked about.


It connects with a truthfulness which further leads to trust. So, if you are never honest with each other in a relationship it will never work out. For a relationship to work out there has to be complete transparency between the two of you.


You should share everything that affects both of you in that relationship without hiding a single detail from each other.


Most people fail at this, which is why their relationships never work out. If you make this point of “Honesty” clean in your relationship you can easily build your trust without struggling with it.


So, this is another thing you should be aiming to achieve in your relationship for it to work. Learn to open up to your partner. This will make him or her believe that you mean a lot to him.


Why do all of my relationships fail?

All your relationships fail because; you fail to understand your partner, you always pick the wrong person, you rush in relationships, you are not fully committed to them and you might also be letting them go easily instead of fixing them when they are broken.


It doesn’t matter how you feel about each other, if you fail to understand each other your relationships will always fail.


There are so many factors that may contribute to relationship failure apart from understanding each other.


The funny thing is that you will never understand your partner if you don’t really know him or her that well. So, it’s important to take time to know someone before you make a point of dating them.


Understanding each other is what gives the control of how you will be handling each other in a relationship. So, figuring out it will save your relationship a big time.

When things are not working out in a relationship?

When things are not working out in a relationship, first, try to identify what went wrong in that relationship and find appropriate solutions. If you find out that you can’t save it anymore and it keeps hurting you the best thing you can do is to let it go.


There is no point in sticking in a relationship that you tried so much to fix but it keeps hurting you. Sometimes we have to admit that we will never get what we expected from the people we fell for.


It’s a part of life. Those up and down in the relationship you face are the things that will help you to come up with an amazing relationship later.


It doesn’t mean that if this relationship is not working the others will fail too. The best thing you can do from these relationships that never work out is to learn from the mistakes you made.


Today’s mistake is tomorrow’s greatest lesson.

To summarize, if your relationships never work out for you try to identify what’s wrong with you how you handle them, and try to figure out a solution for them.

Something else is to be patient with yourself, it may be that the right person for you hasn’t arrived yet. Chill you will eventually find the right one.


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