Your Boyfriend Hides Your Relationship from His Ex?(Know This)

If your boyfriend hides your relationship from his ex then you should know this. It’s very important to know why he does that because your relationship survival depends on it.


I will share with you some of the reasons why your boyfriend hides your relationship from his ex.


Your boyfriend hides your relationship from his ex simply because he is still not over his ex. It can also be that he is still in contact with his ex and he lied to have been having a relationship with you. 


Deep down he knows that if his ex finds out that he has been lying about having a relationship with you then he won’t have a chance at her.


The other thing that might make your boyfriend hide your relationship from his ex is that he doesn’t want his ex to know that he is in a new relationship.


It might be that he knows his ex to be dramatic and she might come for you. When she finally does, she will start telling you all the negativity that your boyfriend has. 


Some of those things she might end up telling you might make you start having doubts about him and the relationship.


This might be what your boyfriend is worried about that is why he is hiding your relationship from his ex.


For him hiding the relationship from his ex might be a helpful thing. Don’t think of the negativity. He may only want to have a relationship with you secretly and happily away from the drama of his ex.


Hiding the current relationship from an ex.

Does it bother you that he is hiding your current relationship from his ex? 
What I want to tell you is that, if you feel that something feels off about him hiding your relationship from his ex then confront him. 
No need to think too much about why he hides the current relationship from his ex.
Talk to him and hear what he has to tell you.
As to my perspective, hiding a relationship from an ex is something that you shouldn’t be doing. If you were done with your ex, why bother keeping things in the dark because of her?
You have to live your own life happily without worrying about being seen by someone you currently have.
Hiding your current relationship from an ex it’s not a good thing to do. Keep your relationship status open but don’t advertise it to your ex. You won’t feel the vibe of your relationship if you keep lowering the energy whenever you come across your ex.

My boyfriend won’t tell his ex about us.

Do you feel bad that your boyfriend doesn’t tell his ex about your relationship?
Let me ask you, why do you want him to tell your ex about your relationship?
Is it that you don’t trust your boyfriend? Is it that you want her ex to be completely off your boyfriend’s life? or is it that you want to see his ex reaction when he tells her about your relationship.
Anyway, it’s good to be concerned about your relationship. That is one way of making sure that you don’t end up hurt in that relationship.
So, if you are asking yourself why your boyfriend won’t tell his ex about the two of you then he might be waiting to see if your relationship is stable enough. It’s not wise to start including ex in your conversation when your relationship is just getting started.
Also, if he is trying to forget everything about his ex then this might be another reason why he won’t tell your ex about your relationship.
He might feel that the moment he gets in touch with his ex and starts talking about his current relationship it might give him a hard time getting over her.
Moving on after a break-up is usually a hard thing. So, if your boyfriend is focused on you and keeps you off the issues of his ex then be happy about it.

My boyfriend lied about talking to his ex.

Hiding a relationship from his ex is another thing, lying about communicating to his ex this something that tells you that he is still into his ex.


Anyway, there might be several reasons why your boyfriend might lie to you about talking to his ex.


Your boyfriend might lie to you about talking to his ex simply because he does want you to feel bad about it, and the other reason is that he is not over his ex and he is trying to win her back.


If you have noticed that your boyfriend has been talking to his ex behind your back then this shows that he is still into him.


The moment when a person does something and he or she knows that it’s wrong he will keep hiding it.


So, if your boyfriend had no intention of getting his ex back then he would have made everything open to you.


He would have told you that he wants to be in touch with his ex even before deciding to contact her in the first place.


So. don’t let him lie to you about hiding this from you for your own good and for the relationship.


Couples in a relationship should be honest with each other if they really want that relationship to survive.


What to do if he lied about talking to his ex?


Now that you have known your boyfriend lied to you about talking to his ex, do you know what to do?


If you don’t know what to do if you have found out that your boyfriend lied to you about talking to his ex then this will help you.


What you can do if your boyfriend lied about talking to his ex is to confront him. Confront him and ask him if he is serious about the relationship. Tell him that if he will keep lying to you then there will be no need for you to keep that relationship standing.


Sometimes you have to stand up and talk about what you believe is right for you. There is no need to keep your head down while you know that what is happening in your relationship it might eventually ruin it.


If you will not stand for yourself no one will. No matter how much you love him, you should never allow him to treat you like you are nobody in that relationship.


When you confront him about lying to you talking to your ex he will realize that you are serious about that relationship and you actually know what you want from it. 


He will never treat you like trash even if he wanted to.


Anyway, even if you don’t know what you want in that relationship act like you know.


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If you find that your boyfriend hides your relationship from his ex just because he wants to get her back then don’t stay in that relationship.


He might be keeping you to use you and push his time. There is no need to be with such kind of a guy.


When you realize that your boyfriend is still in touch with his ex behind your back and you talk to him about it and he gets defensive then that shows that he still has a thing for his ex.


It’s better you leave the relationship or you let him have time to find closure with his ex.


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