Your Boyfriend Wants Everything His Way? Know Why

If your boyfriend wants everything his way, he wants everything on his terms and he always wants to do what he wants then shows that he is controlling.


He is controlling, though there is more to it that I will share with you in this article.


Also, I will share with you what you can do when you are in such a situation.


This is why your boyfriend wants to do everything his way;

1. Your boyfriend is controlling.

If your boyfriend is always proposing to do things his way in that relationship then know that he is a controlling person.


A person who is controlling will always want things to be done on his term. He will want you to do what he wants.


If he is controlling then you will observe more things from him and it’s not only about him wanting you to do things his way.


When your boyfriend is controlling you will observe the following traits;

  • He will tell you what to do most of the time.
  • He will get mad at you when you make any decision in that relationship.
  • He will tell you the kind of clothes to wear.
  • He will tell you the kind of food you should eat.
  • He will control the kind of people you talk to and interact with.
  • He will want you to stop doing the things you care about just to please him.


So, when you notice that your boyfriend is doing such kinds of things in your relationship then know that he is controlling.


The best thing you can do when you find out your guy is controlling is to talk to him about it.


Tell him to stop controlling you and if he doesn’t want to then you will have to end the relationship.


If you stay in that relationship it will turn out to be unhealthy and this will this relationship will destroy your life.


2. Your boyfriend is selfish.

This is another thing you should know about your boyfriend if he always wants you to do things his way.


Your boyfriend is selfish that is why he wants you to do everything in that relationship on his term.


Have you ever heard of an egocentric person?


An egocentric person is a person who only cares about his needs, desires, decisions and benefits without thinking of the effect on the other person.


So, if your boyfriend is the kind of a person who doesn’t care about what you want in that relationship then it will be very hard for him to let you do things the way you want.


You will find that you always come up with irrelevant fights in your relationship due to petty issues.


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A selfish person will only care about what he wants and not what you want.


If your boyfriend is selfish then he will always want you to do what he wants without caring what you want. He will rarely take care of you and he will not give more than he takes from you.


3. Your boyfriend is searching for a way to push you away.

If your boyfriend wants to break up with you and is searching for a way to break up with you then he will start acting strange.


He will always do things in the opposite way that you desire.


He will treat you bad and do things that will push you away further to an extent of you breaking with him.


This can happen if your boyfriend is tired of you.


Your boyfriend is aware that when he starts doing things that you don’t like you will eventually grow apart.


You will hate the way he does things and this will distance you from him and you will lastly lose interest in him and walk away.


This is one of the ways guys use it if they want to break up with a lady.


It’s pretty clear that when your boyfriend starts taking control of your life and making every decision in your relationship you will eventually get faded by this barbaric act and you will prefer to end the relationship.


A guy knows clearly when he is messing with your relationship.


So, if he just wants to push you away then he will want to do everything his way, he will want you to do what he wants and he will want you to do everything on his terms.


4. He likes being in charge of decision-making.

Some guys like being in control of every situation.


So, if your boyfriend likes being in charge in that relationship so that he feels that he is a man enough for you then he will want you to do everything he wants on his term.


Several things might make a man like being in charge in the relationship.


If a man wants to show you that he can handle you well then he will want you to do things on his term.


This is because when he makes you do things his way he will think that you will like it and you will fall in love with him more.


When he claims to be good for you and yet you think the opposite of it then he will start developing this kind of trait so that you find him enough for you.


If a man wants to show you that he is experienced and you aren’t then he might want you to do everything his way.


Since if he let you take part in making decisions in that relationship will make him look so inexperienced.


5. He doesn’t love you at all.

If your boyfriend doesn’t love you and he is only with you due to another reason then he will do such kinds of things.


A guy who doesn’t love you will never consider your happiness but his only.


He will treat you in a way that sucks no matter how much you do right for him in that relationship.


You will always be trying hard in that relationship and make it to the next level and he will always be dragging you behind.


If your boyfriend is controlling and you count him as being protective then you are lying to yourself.


Things will get worse in that relationship and you will regret meeting him.


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6. He is manipulating you.

This is another reason why your boyfriend wants you to do things his way.


If he is using you it’s obvious when you want him to make certain decisions in your relationship that favour both of you he will not want anything to do with them.


He knows that doing this on your way will not benefit him.


A guy might want you for different reasons. The above article contains very detailed information about that topic.


When a person is controlling it’s only because he gains something from that.


So, controlling and manipulating are acts that are interconnected. When one thing happens the other will follow.



If your boyfriend always does things on his terms then that relationship will be a mess. You better figure out a way to make him be on the same page with you.


The moment he always wants you to do things that he wants, be honest with him and tell him that you don’t like it. Tell him to stop doing that since you all have a chance to contribute equally to that relationship. If he doesn’t change then end the relationship.


The moment you keep on staying in that relationship you will only keep hurting yourself. You will never be happy in such kind of a relationship.


You should be in a relationship with someone who will give you a chance to express and do what you feel in that relationship. This is because a relationship is supposed to be two-sided and a healthy one.


If you have a question just leave your comment. See you in my next article buddy.


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